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Rondi Chair
Rondi Chair from Viesso
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Rondi Chair  by Viesso - a modern upholstered armchair with silver metal base.

The Rondi model is a modern design that features a rounded back and complimentary metal legs. You can build the Rondi model as a sofa or loveseat, but as shown in the 36” chair version, it starts at $1130.

At Viesso, you select the model you like, then you choose from a variety of options for size, layout, fabric and more.  There are no restrictions from model to model, so any of our designs can be built to whatever configuration you need.  Visit our website or our Santa Monica showroom to see the options available.

Viesso builds custom, green furniture in LA that can be customized and purchased online. For each of our custom upholstered options, we use FSC Certified wood and water based glues. We offer options like 100% natural latex on the cushions or entire frame as well as recycled and natural fabrics. Our case goods are made from bamboo and use all water based stains and glues.

Orders usually take between 3-4 weeks to create before shipping

Click on the link below to go directly to the Rondi Chair page on Viesso's website:


Designer: Viesso
2834 Colorado Blvd,#53
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Contact: orders@viesso.com
Priced From: $1,130.00
Lead Time: Under 4 weeks
Dimension: 36'' chair
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